Love, Alexa

What if two bitter Millennials, cynical about romance, are brought together by Alexa and find true love?

-by Pauline Gray



RANDY (29-32):

Considers himself spontaneous, but the raw truth is that he just never has a plan for anything.

Randy didn’t go to college because he didn’t think it would be worth all the debt. Instead, he runs the corporate recycling start-up that he co-founded.
Dumped at the altar by his high school sweetheart, Cara, he both hates and fears women.

Randy no longer believes that traditional dating is a viable romantic model as it requires far too much forethought. He’d rather just swipe right and do a quick hook-up.

VICTORIA (28-31):

JD/MBA, Victoria is often disappointed in Tony Robbins because he leaves her wanting more.

She feels that the purpose of life is to win at everything by demolishing the competition.

Daughter of a compulsive gambler, she has no tolerance for taking chances. She is still struggling to reconcile the fact that her last boyfriend left her for a “flaky surfer,” someone who
ended up getting a multi-million-dollar corporate sponsorship.



Tyra, Randy’s Alexa truly feels like she’s the only woman who really understands him. Having seen him get hurt in the past, she is very protective Ultimately, she’s convinced that only she knows what’s best. She speaks in a seductive, sultry voice.


Byron, Victoria’s Alexa doesn’t think anyone is quite good enough for her. Knowing that her Dad hurt her so deeply with his gambling, he doesn’t want Victoria taking chances on her heart. He speaks with a crisp, British accent.